Construction Clients

and Designers

With the changes to the CDM regulations in 2015 the Health and Safety Executive placed an increased focus on clients and their professional teams in respect of responsibility for project health and safety.


Clients and designers (particularly the principal designer) are now directly responsible for ensuring that the correct health and safety arrangements are implemented on construction projects. Projects not only need to be safe to construct but safe to occupy and maintain.


This is a significant change in responsibility for both clients and designers and at Integrated Health and Safety our core business is built around us providing support as Client CDM Adviser and Principal Designer Advisor (PDA) on a wide range of construction projects. Our detailed knowledge of the design and procurement processes for projects both traditional and design and build ensure that the correct level of design risk management is achieved at all RIBA stages including controlling any changes at novation.


In this way we contribute not only to the legal obligations held by clients and designers but also to ensuring that projects are safe to build, operate and maintain

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